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Computer science and engineering (CSE) is an academic program at some universities that integrates the fields of computer engineering and computer science. It is a sub-field of electronics engineering, focusing the digital electronics domain with added courses in computer architecture, processor design, operating systems, high-performance computing, parallel processing, computer networks and embedded systems. CSE programs also include core subjects of computer science such as theory of computation, design and analysis of algorithms, data structures and database systems. The program aims at designing, developing and troubleshooting computing devices and systems (such as personal computers, supercomputers, robots, smartphones, networking devices, embedded devices).

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Cognizance 1.Put your logical reasoning and detective skills to test here 2.The event consist of three rounds . Sherlocked . Audio visual . Stress interview 1. Maximum two in a team 2. Any sort of electronic data reference strictly prohibited 3. The judge's decision will be final Spoorthi B 9900637908 103 Wed 12:30:00
Technobuzz 1. A core technical event to check participants technical skill 2. It consists of three rounds . How well you know . TeQuiz . Build me 1. Maximum two in a team 2. No use of any external gadgets 3. Must have basic knowledge about programming concepts 4. Further information is provided at the time of participation Sanjay 9513872810 102 Wed 11:00:00
Softgyan 1. Mega event 2. Purely non technical event to showcase participants extra curricular talents 3. The event consists of two rounds . Quibble- Switch and speak between given homophones when the buzzer is hit . Pictionary- Participants have to guess the relation between the displayed images and a quiz on entertainment 1. Maximum two in a team 2. Homophones will be given on the spot 3. No use of electronic gadgets 4. Any sort of malpractice will result in the disqualification Rut 7984454907 104 Wed 10:30:00