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Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture.[nb 1] Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical period or place of origin. Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques. A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist (in jazz and popular music).[1][2] Singers perform music (arias, recitatives, songs, etc.) that can be sung with or without accompaniment by musical instruments.

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Navarasa The fusion of 9 emotions *Its a variety competition. *Time duration: 13+5 minutes (including stage arrangements). *Min 6 members and max 20 members in a team. *Variety program should include minimum items like singing, group dance and any one form of theatre acts like mimicry,mime,mono act, skit. *Theme based performances are preferred. *Each team should include one or two MC for narration. *Vulgarity in any form is not entertained. *Usage of fireworks,flora and fauna are strictly prohibited. *Participants should clear the stage immediately after their performance.Failing to do so,will be considered to reduction of 5 points from the overall championship points. *Judgement is based on qualities like theme, team participation, creativity,costume, uniqueness and overall presentation. 1.Shravya Kulal 2.Shriram 3.Neha L kanchana 1.9483035699 2.7975832407 3.7022089025 Main Stage Thu 09:30:00
Mr/Ms ENVISION Predict the unpredictable ROUND 1: APTITUDE - Written test. - General questions will be given. ROUND 2:EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEAKING -topic will be given onspot. -Time duration:3 minutes. -Judgement is based on fluency and depth of the topic. ROUND 3: STRESS INTERVIEW -Selected participants must come with the costume of their choice. -Questions will be based on the character they carry. -Time duration: 10 minutes. -Students will be asked stressful questions to test their patience and communication skills under a stressful situation. 1.Arjun Shetty 2.Krushitha S Gowda 1.9880125269 2.9686242829 007 Thu 10:00:00
Tittuka Capture the moments 1) Individual photography event. 2) Topic will be given on spot. 3) Submitted photo must be in JPEG format. 4) Picture must be shot within the college premises. 5) Participants must submit the softcopy on time. 6) Alteration/digital manipulation of the photography is not allowed. 7) Judgement is based on the creativity,image resolution and overall presentation. 1.Savyasachhi 2.Mehul 1.6360732021 2.8951771311 102 Thu 09:30:00
Thandava Beat the beats *Minimum of 8 and maximum of 15 members in a team. ROUND 1: - Group dance. -Participants has to perform on a song of their own choice. -Time duration: 4+1 minutes. ROUND 2: - One representative from each team must perform for dance to the tune(Spot Dance). - Participant must make use of the props given by the organizers. - Song will be of organizer's choice. - Time duration:1 minute. 1.Sushmitha acharya 2.Jnathri 1.9036422147 2.7012473035 Auditorium Thu 11:00:00
Samvahana The silent communication 1) Mannequin challenge. 2) Group event with minimum 5 and maximum 10 members. 3) Video should be shot on mobile phone camera only. 4) Duration of the video: 5 minutes. 5) Theme: Social awareness. 6) Video must be shot within the college premises only. 7) Judgement is based on theme selection, story formation, impact and the videography. 1.Gowtham shetty 2.Saad salman 1.8618663220 2.8792971070 102 Thu 09:30:00
Darpana Reflection of mind 1) Face painting event. 2) Time duration: 1 hour. 3) Required materials should be brought by the participant and will not be provided by the organizers. 4) Every participant should arrange an accompanist for painting by themselves. 5) Participants are permitted to choose their own theme. 6) Judgement is based on creativity, finishing and overall impression. 1.Fahiqa firdous 2.Sindhu 1.9035252778 2.9686979557 101 Thu 10:00:00
Vinyasa The colourful black and white 1) Pencil sketching event. 2) Time duration: 1 hour. 3) Individual participation. 4) Sheets will be provided and rest of the items must be carried by the participants. 5) Judgement is based on creativity, finishing and the neatness. 1.Diana Jennifer 2.Shobha 1.7259581893 2.9483907432 103 Thu 09:30:00
Medhika Doodle the palm 1) Time duration: 1 hour. 2) Mehendi cone must be brought by the participants itself. 3) Every participant should arrange accompanist for applying mehendi. 4) Judgement is based on the design, finishing and neatness. 1.Shreyashree 2.Akshatha 1.9880234361 2.8277618846 103 Thu 11:00:00
Abhinaya Express through action 1) Dumb Charades. 2) 3 members in a team. 3) There will be 3 rounds which will be explained on the day. 1.Vandana S Bhandary 2.Shipra K.P 1.9847823169 2.9481355428 Seminar hall Thu 10:00:00
Kalakaar Your face their Voice 1) Group tiktok event. 2) Minimum of 3 members and maximum of 8. 3) Dialogue based tiktoks are preferred. 4) Video should be shot on the college premises. 5) Judgement is based on the acting skill, synchronization, coordination and overall presentation. 1.Dhanyashree 2.Bindhya 1.7899580419 2.8105782017 102 Thu 09:30:00